Chris Christie knows how to create awkward political moments…that’s for sure! (*SEE PHOTO GAFFE GALLERY BELOW) Remember the game hug? The VERY awkward moment behind candidate Trump where he just stood there with a blank stare? His latest and most awkward political moment has to be “Beachgate” where he was captured lounging with his family on a NJ beach after closing it to the public. Ouch! We’re just happy he wasn’t hired by President Trump but was let go by Jared Kushner. Wheeew!

In previous reports, we’ve also discussed the election night gaffe of a bold Chris Christie shoving his way into photos with newly elected President Trump (see photo above). The word was that the president wasn’t too happy about this and that this behavior cost Christie a position with the new Trump administration. The Christie “Bridgegate” scandal was another factor that’s been reported.  The newest revelation exposes the ultimate mistake from Christie:

Chris Christie made his “ultimate mistake” with Donald Trump when he bragged about talking to President Obama on election night and offered to let Trump — an infamous germaphobe — use Christie’s cellphone to talk to Obama.

“If you win, he’s going to call my phone, and I’ll pass it over to you,” Christie said, according to excerpts of a new book obtained by the Daily Mail.

A visibly angry Trump snapped at his top campaign aide: “Hey Chris, you know my f–king phone number. Just give it to the president. I don’t want your f–king phone,” Trump fumed.

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Christie, who never received a role in the White House despite his steadfast support for the president, “wouldn’t recover” from the phone debacle, the report said.

Christie made yet another critical mistake when he “pushed himself” into photos with Trump on election night.

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Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner — whose father was prosecuted by Christie, then a US attorney in New Jersey — gave the Garden State governor the ax right after Trump’s victory.

We have to say that after the latest Chris Christie gaffe of “Beachgate” where he closed the NJ beach to the public BUT opened it to only his family has us convinced that Trump and Kushner did the right thing!





Via: NYP

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