Joe Biden has been making attacks on the ‘MAGA Party’ recently, using the term “ultra-MAGA” and calling Donald Trump the “Great MAGA King.” However, it has been revealed that Biden’s attempt at insulting the GOP took a lot more time and manpower to come up with than one might think.

Since Biden started using the term “MAGA”, the GOP has been embracing this label, producing a lot of related content on social media making fun of Biden’s new attempt at insulting Trump and his supporters.

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What has become a source of comedy for the GOP reportedly took liberals six months of research to come up with. A research project led by Biden’s adviser Anita Dunn and a liberal group called the Center for American Progress Action Fund revealed that “MAGA” was viewed as a negative term by voters. The research also found that voters in battleground areas would be less likely to vote for someone called a “MAGA Republican.”

When asked at a press briefing about Biden using these new insults, Jen Psaki said, ” I would say that the president is not afraid to call out what he sees as extreme positions that are out of line with where the American people stand.”

However, in reality, Biden was just being told what to say (per usual) to further the political agenda of his party, not calling anyone out on his own accord. No, instead it took a whole team of researchers for dementia Joe to “call out” anything at all.

Rather than fighting the new label, Trump supporters have leaned into it, even creating “ultra MAGA” merchandise for purchase.

It appears that the Biden Regime just wasted six months… Which is not exactly surprising.


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