There are three big lies being spread everywhere by the Democrats about President Trump with zero pushback from our biased mainstream media. The truth is that the media and Democrats are doing everything possible to push Biden across the finish line even though it’s obvious “Sleepy Joe” isn’t capable of being POTUS.

The three lies have been fact-checked in different reports, but the mainstream media refuses to push back to set the record straight.

The latest big lie from Joe Biden has come out about President Trump and the coronavirus crisis, prompting a reply to set the record straight: President Trump did not cut the CDC funding. Joe Biden is lying. In the article title, Democrats’ Misleading Coronavirus Claims, this claim is exposed.

Here’s Joe Biden lying again:

Two more lies that came from Joe Biden about President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic are spreading like wildfire. It has NEVER been more important to get the facts straight. Let’s face it, some people don’t use Google or look deeper than the latest CNN video clip.

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Please let any lefty friends you may have left in your life know that Biden FALSELY said that the Trump administration rejected WHO coronavirus test kits:

The second thing that is swirling around is that Trump ‘disbanded’ the pandemic office. Numerous sources have debunked the claim but it’s still out there: “No, the White House didn’t ‘dissolve’ its pandemic response office. I was there,” wrote former National Security Council adviser Tim Morrison for the Washington Post.”

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A reader wrote to us that he believes Trump had the virus spread on purpose. So now the left actually believes our president would collapse our economy on purpose? That’s a special kind of stupid.
Please try and stop the misinformation out there in any way you can. The Democrats are going to do EVERYTHING they can to win in 2020 including lie, cheat and steal.


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