On Tuesday, April 12, the Seacor Power lift boat left Port Fourchon, Louisiana, with 19 crew members on board. At 4:30 pm that afternoon, the lift boat capsized about 8 miles offshore as storms moved through the Gulf of Mexico. The vessel capsized when winds reached speeds of up to 80 miles an hour, causing the tragic incident. There was an immediate and frantic search for crew members, but the Coast Guard suspended the search for the vessel on April 19.  Six crew members were eventually rescued, and six people were killed in the accident. Seven are still missing.

Even though the Coast Guard stopped searching for any survivors, the Cajun Navy has continued the search.

It is now being reported by the Washington Times that President Trump made a donation of $10,00 to the Cajun Navy to help in the search for crew members of the capsized vessel Seacor Power.

The Cajun Navy is a group of brave Americans who do search and rescue during natural disasters.   Todd Terrell, the president of the Cajun Navy, told KATC that the $10K would be used to fund the search for seven of the crew members who are still missing. Terrell called for and received help from many shrimpers in the area. Four seaplanes were also donated to look for the wreckage.

One shrimper took video of the storm that capsized the Seacor Power:

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Local news reported on the search by the Cajun Navy:

President Trump has a history of making donations to a variety of causes. He never took a salary when he was POTUS and donated his paychecks to different government agencies. Two notable donations were to build the wall and another one for COVID research.

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Even though the media doesn’t report on the generosity of President Trump, there are numerous times when the people he’s helped have told their story of his kindness. What he did for New York City over the years is incredible. One example is below:

Trump’s reopening of Central Park’s Wollman Rink in 1986 was a defining moment for him — and for many New Yorkers, a hell of a first impression.

The Wollman Rink, which opened in 1949, was a beloved Manhattan postcard icon. It appeared in countless movies, including “Love Story.” But it was falling apart, and then-Mayor Ed Koch closed it in 1980.

The city promised to reopen it by 1985. But Koch’s incompetent commissioners and contractors let the job run $12 million over its original $4.7 million budget, and by 1986, the finish line was nowhere in sight.

In June 1986, Trump brashly offered to reopen the rink before Christmas. “If Koch doesn’t like this offer,” Trump said, “then let him have the same people who have built it for the last six years do it for the next six years.”

Koch held his nose and gave Trump the keys. Trump got the ice rink reopened to the public on Nov. 1. Maybe any able construction company could have done the same. But Trump’s success was a tonic to a crime-torn, crumbling city that needed some good news. It showed how private enterprise could handily whip government bureaucracy.

Wollman was a tiny project. But, unlike disputes over taxes and zoning, it told a story everyone could understand. It made Trump a hero, at least for a time. And more than any of his skyscrapers, it lent him the “can-do” reputation that propelled him into the White House.



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