What happened to the DOJ’s Jeff Sessions? Is he asleep at the wheel when it comes to that zero tolerance policy he claimed he was going to enforce?

One federal judge in particular (see below) is known to release illegals…are there others? Sure there are! Why can’t Sessions do something about this judge and anyone else who is obviously ignoring the law:


The valley here in Texas is full of corrupt Mexican judges, sherifs, mayors… always getting busted working for or turning a blind eye to the cartels. Just Google some of the local towns. The cartel runs the border towns. On the US side too. They basically run South Padre Island… North Padre not so much. The border towns are basically Mexico with Mexico politics. Which means totally corrupt and run by the cartels. Its so entrenched in the culture its just business as usual. There’s no changing it. It’s way too late.

With the new report from Washington Times that illegal smuggling is big business, it’s clear we’re still in crisis mode:

Cartels make $500 million a year from smuggling illegal immigrants across U.S. border

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd reveals just how bad it is in certain areas. It’s the judges and other enforcers who refuse to punish the illegals and instead release them. Zero tolerance needs to be enforced ASAP!

Via Breitbart:

Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors and at least one federal judge appear to not be executing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ policy of zero tolerance for illegal border crossers.

“If you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you — it’s that simple. If you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, we will prosecute you,” Sessions said earlier this month. While that sounds absolute in theory, in practice it appears to be quite different, the Washington Times reports.

“It’s a far cry from zero tolerance,” National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) President Brandon Judd told the Times. Judd said that 13 illegal immigrants arrested by San Diego Sector agents on Friday were not prosecuted after the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California declined prosecution.

Border Patrol agents told the NBPC president that prosecutors are picking and choosing which cases to prosecute, claiming they do not have enough resources. Agents said a good number of them are being turned down.

One federal judge, Gonzalo P. Curiel, allegedly released migrants without any bond payment. President Donald Trump and his administration have been at odds with Judge Curiel on multiple occasions.

DOJ prosecutors asked that Marbel Yaneth Ramirez-Raudales, one of the caravan migrants arrested in the San Diego Sector, be held on a bond of $10,000, the Times reported. However, Judge Curiel released him on a signature and unsecured bond promise. The migrant was released to the custody of immigration enforcement officials.

The pledge of zero tolerance by Attorney General Sessions appears to be executed on a selective basis depending on location. As an example, Breitbart Texas reported about two illegal immigrants arrested in the Laredo Sector who claimed to be part of the “migrant caravan” after illegally crossing the border.

The Times reported that the two illegal immigrants were prosecuted for illegal entry and the judge sentenced them to 5 days in jail after a plea bargain agreement with prosecutors. In other places, prosecutors say they are not interested in the cases, the article states.

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