In the early hours of Monday, large fires broke out at two Russian oil storage facilities after allegedly being hit by Ukrainian missiles. The missiles reportedly blew up two oil depots in the city of Bryansk, about 70 miles from the Ukrainian border, that had been supplying Putin’s troops currently fighting for control of Donbas.

About 15 minutes after the major fire erupted at the Transneft-Druzhba Oil Depot, a second fire broke out at a nearby military facility.

Videos and images of the raging fires coming from the facilities were posted all over Russian social media. CCTV footage also captured the moment the oil depot was struck and caught fire.

While it is unconfirmed, military analyst Rob Lee ascertained that the fire was likely caused by Ukrainian forces. “It sounds like something is flying through the air before the explosion,” said Lee. “I think it was probably a Ukrainian attack, but we cannot be certain.” Lee added that the strikes were likely carried out with the goal of disrupting fuel supplies for the Russian military.

While Russia’s investigative committee announced that it will be investigating the incident, it seems unlikely they would accuse Ukraine because this would confirm Kyiv’s ability to attack Russian military sites. Russia went into this conflict likely believing that it would only be a matter of days before the Ukrainian government was overtaken. However, three months into this new war, this seems to be turning into an embarrassment for the Kremlin.


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