Less than a week after Iran’s terrorist regime launched missiles at our consulate, and the day after Biden called Putin a war criminal, Psaki states that it is “in our national interest” for Putin’s Russia to continue brokering the Iran nuclear deal. Having two hostile/rogue nations working together is, apparently, in our national interest. Watch her condescending response to the more than valid question of “why” here:


In case you missed it, here’s last week’s missile attack by Iran’s terrorist regime:

At least six missiles were fired Sunday toward the U.S. consulate in Iraq’s northern city of Irbil, with several missiles hitting the building, Iraqi and U.S. security officials said. A U.S. official said the missiles were launched from neighboring Iran

It was a day of incredible press conferences, from Pelosi’s appeal to poetry, to Psaki’s clueless rationale behind having two countries with historical hatred towards us at the same table to discuss nuclear armaments, indicates that this administration has absolutely no idea about foreign policy.

Under president Trump,we averted a nuclear crisis with North Korea, Putin made no invasions, and an Iranian terrorist general was brought to justice. Under Biden, we have an invasion of Ukraine and a real possibility of a nuclear armed, radical Islamic rogue state.

President Putin and Ayatollah Khomeini meeting before the invasion of Ukraine

It is in Russia’s interest, and not our own, that Iran and Russia are in alignment during these negotiations. The idea that our national security efforts are seeing benefit from the current deal being overseen by Putin’s Russia is downright outrageous.


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