Ben Bergquam, a correspondent and TV host with Real America’s Voice, has been traveling south of the U.S. border to expose the chaos being caused by Joe Biden’s open borders and to reveal the dangerous people that are being let into the United States.

After arriving in Colombia, Bergquam witnessed the aftermath of a sicario, or hired killer, hit on someone who was driving through the streets of Cúcuta Colombia.

“You can just see… the level of danger that the people in Colombia – in these Central and South American countries face, not just because of the corruption of the government but because [of] the cartels,” said Bergquam. “And that’s really the reality of what… open borders are doing is inviting this insecurity into America.”

Bergquam’s partner on his journey through Central and South America, Oscar El Blue, said, “This is why cartel[s] need to be designated as terrorists immediately… but this is actually what we experience in our countries, sadly every day.”

Bergquam later reported from a camp in Necocli, Colombia where Venezuelans, Haitians, and Africans are preparing to risk their lives and embark on a dangerous journey through the Darien Gap to reach the US.

Bergquam then set off across the Gulfo de Urabá on a boat with migrants, revealing how the cartels are profiting off of the transport of illegal immigrants. In the video, half of the boat passengers get transferred to a smaller boat headed to the treacherous Darien Gulf because they cannot afford to be taken the rest of the way.

After covering the Darien Gap and interviewing some of the people and families who are making the risky journey to get to the United States, he and Oscar headed back to Necocli. On the boat ride back, they happen upon two floating packages of dope that were attached to a capsized boat.

The boat that Bergquam was on picked up the packages and continued on their journey, assuming that the passengers on the capsized boat were dead.

“What’s happening is they actually use the illegal smuggling of people to cover the smuggling of everything else,” Bergquam said.

On Friday, Bergquam reported from a Kuna/Guna Indian tribe village where their beaches and water sources have been destroyed by illegal immigration.

The tribe has been forced to set up a camp for the immigrants down the beach from their land because of the massive amount of people traveling through the area.

What has been left behind is a horrific amount of trash, polluting the beaches and the waters.

As he walks through the piles of trash that cover the beach, he wonders why the environmentalists aren’t furious over the destruction of this area. Bergquam asked, “Where are the environmentalists that are in Davos right now talking about climate change?”

“They don’t say anything about it because it’s not about climate change… it’s about money and power,” said Bergquam. “This gives them money and power, and pushing the climate change hoax gives them money and power.”

“The Guna Indians deserve better… the world deserves better than this,” Bergquam added.

He then called out the New York Times, who reportedly visited the area a few weeks prior, for not releasing any reports about the devastation being caused to the beaches.

Bergquam posted a video where he interviewed a member of the Kuna Indian tribe, who told him that the immigrants would come through and bathe and wash their clothes in the river that runs towards their town, causing their water source to become incredibly polluted with trash and defecation.

“This is what you’re doing Democrats, Joe Biden,” said Bergquam, showing the Kuna Indians’ destroyed water source. “This was a clean water source and it’s just filth now.”


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