It’s not the Delta Variant, it’s the BORDER Variant!

Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News tweeted out a video showing the enormous crowd lined up for Donald Trumps Rally in Cullman Alabama on Saturday.

The line of people seemed to stretch for miles which surely triggered defensive liberals, who can’t stand the fact that Biden’s rallies were so poorly attended, every participant could’ve carpooled together in a single mini-van.


Angry leftists (redundant, I know) came after Mr. Bergquam. Between hand ringing and gnashing of teeth, they blubbered on about callous Trump supporters, insinuating the rally was a super-spreader event, and in typical liberal “compassion”, expressed hope that the MAGA crowd would contract the virus.

Ben responded – “I don’t want to hear another word about Covid until you lefties tell Joe Biden to close the damn border. It’s not the Delta Variant, it’s the BORDER Variant.”

Is it safe to say that the vaccine/mask Nazis are taking this whole Covid situation a bit too far? Perhaps their obsession has reached an alarmingly unhealthy level?


After nearly 6-years of dealing with it and no known cure in sight, it’s becoming abundantly clear that Trump Derangement Syndrome is far more dangerous to this country and the world (see Afghanistan) than Covid19 will ever be. Luckily it only afflicts those with no morals, no standards, no ethics, and no intelligence.

It would be a shame if this picture from Saturday’s rally further exacerbated TDS in those prone to the illness.

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