Vox released a video that is trying to normalize the violent street gang MS-13 to make them look like innocent high school kids. In reality, the gang is a murdering machine. Seventeen brutal murders were committed by MS-13 in just over a year in the Suffolk County area. These young men are NOT harmless and are a threat to the safety of all Americans:

The Suffolk County DA discussed the 17 murders over 16 months in his area in response to the Vox video:

“Two of those homicides were Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, 15 and 16-year-old girls from friends Brentwood High School. Another one was a quadruple homicide where four boys were chopped into little pieces in a park in Central Islip.”

“We need to take this gang extremely seriously and that is exactly what law enforcement is doing across the country and I applaud everyone’s efforts. We are working together to target violent MS-13 gang members and we are making a difference.”

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan also just weighed in on the propaganda video :

President Trump called MS-13 “animals” in a speech then a father of a victim spoke out. His daughter was attacked and murdered on the night of her 16th birthday.

The propaganda video tries to make the gang members out to be something they aren’t…Does it matter where they began or what they do in high school? They are STILL a violent gang that recruits illegal alien young men into members.


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