Democrats are fine with Antifa goons raiding YOUR town and burning it down but they are lily-livered cowards when faced with the American public they are supposed to represent. It’s being reported by numerous news sources that Democrats wore body armor to the inauguration of Joebama today.

This is after complete overkill from phony media outlets like Fox News:

ABC News and other activist news outlets are reporting that some Democrats felt the need to wear body armor:

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The Democrats claimed there would be trouble in DC today, but nothing happened. It was all to try and make the Trump supporters out to be the enemy within who should be shamed and feared. In reality, the leftist groups like Antifa and BLM are the groups to fear for their fascism. Did any of these Democrats see the riot in NYC last night where BLM got into a brawl with police and injured 11 officers?

How about a flashback to the violence and destruction from the left during inauguration day in 2017?

Sure seems like the violent enemy is NOT Trump supporters.

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