Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, a Republican, has filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, alleging the pharmaceutical company made ‘misleading claims’ about the safety of its experimental COVID-19 shot.

Kobach alleges Pfizer violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act.

“Pfizer marketed its vaccine as safe for pregnant women. However, in February of 2021, Pfizer possessed reports for 458 pregnant women who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy. More than half of the pregnant women reported an adverse event and more than 10% reported a miscarriage, many within days of the vaccination,” Kobach said during a press conference.

“Pfizer consistently denied any evidence of connection or safety signal between its COVID-19 vaccine and myocarditis or pericarditis,” he continued.

“Pfizer also claimed that its COVID-19 vaccine protected against COVID-19 variants, even though data available at the time showed Pfizer’s vaccine was effective less than half the time against variants,” he added.


Fox Business reports:

The lawsuit alleges that the company’s “actions and statements relating to its COVID-19 vaccine” violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, “regardless of whether any individual consumer ultimately received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.”

“Pfizer must be held accountable for falsely representing the benefits of its COVID-19 vaccine while concealing and suppressing the truth about its vaccine’s safety risks, waning effectiveness, and inability to prevent transmission,” the lawsuit says.

The suit, filed by Republican Attorney General Kris Kobach, alleges that through the company’s “misrepresentations” of the vaccine, it earned “record company revenue” of approximately $75 billion in just two years.

The lawsuit alleges that “millions of Kansans heard Pfizer’s misrepresentations about its COVID-19 vaccine.”

“For example, Pfizer administered 3,355,518 Pfizer vaccine doses in Kansas as of February 7, 2024. This accounted for more than 60% of all vaccine doses in Kansas,” the lawsuit alleges, citing the state’s Department of Health Data.

The lawsuit alleges that Pfizer used various methods to “conceal critical data” related to the “safety and effectiveness” of the vaccine, including using confidentiality agreements, an extended timeline, and destroying the control group participating in its vaccine trial.

“Pfizer made multiple misleading statements to deceive the public about its vaccine at a time when Americans needed the truth,” Kansas AG’s Office stated.

“The lawsuit, filed in state court in Thomas County, comes after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a similar lawsuit in November,” The Kansas City Star reports.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued Pfizer for “unlawfully misrepresenting the effectiveness of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine and attempting to censor public discussion of the product,” a press release from Ken Paxton’s office stated.

Texas Attorney General Sues Pfizer Over COVID-19 Jab

Pfizer said in a statement that the state's lawsuit had "no merit."

From The Kansas City Star:

Pfizer also said that patient safety was its top priority and that it follows “diligent safety and monitoring protocols.

“We are proud to have developed the COVID-19 vaccine in record time in the midst of a global pandemic and saved countless lives. The representations made by Pfizer about its COVID-19 vaccine have been accurate and science-based. The Company believes that the state’s case has no merit and will respond to the suit in due course,” Pfizer said in an unsigned statement.

The lawsuit is being brought over alleged violations of Kansas’ consumer protections laws. Even though vaccine recipients didn’t pay for doses, Kobach said consumer protection laws still apply. The lawsuit alleges Pfizer violated prior consent judgments with Kansas.

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages, but doesn’t specify an amount.

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