Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) had a preplanned interview on Fox Business abruptly canceled after he feuded with primetime host Jesse Watters on social media.

According to the Daily Caller, Watters accused the Texas Republican of corruption for earning money in stocks.

Crenshaw proceeded to attack Watters on his Instagram story.

In his Instagram tirade, Crenshaw accused the Fox News host of infidelity.

“Losers like Watters grew up with a silver spoon. His family is made up of well-connected journalists and politicians. And for some reason, people are fooled into believing he’s some genuine blue-collar conservative. Yeah he’s such a ‘conservative’ he cheated on his wife and then left her with twins while he went off with another Fox producer,” Crenshaw said.


Rep. Crenshaw's Instagram story [Screenshot/Instagram]

* Screenshot from Rep. Crenshaw’s Instagram story – Originally posted by Daily Caller *

From Daily Caller:

Crenshaw said Fox canceled a pre-scheduled interview allegedly over their feelings being hurt following his attacks against Watters.

“LMFAO, Fox just cancelled an interview we had pre-scheduled tonight,” Crenshaw wrote on his Instagram story. “Guess I hurt their feelings by calling out their bulls***.”

A source familiar with the matter told the Daily Caller that Crenshaw was booked for Fox Business, but not any Fox News programs.

Crenshaw said he invested $10,000 into stocks and never made more than $20,000 while serving in Congress. He accused Fox News of creating a “fake controversy to get clicks” and Watters of pushing conspiracy theories.

“Hey you f***ing hack, if you’re gonna accuse me of literal corruption, get your facts straight and man up and come accuse me to my face. You’re a f***ing clown, desperate for clickbait,” Crenshaw began in his Instagram story “Watters is a tool, making millions to push conspiracies on tv, and bash veterans like me who are barely a fraction of his net worth. Wake up America. The political entertainment industry is almost always lying to you.”

In his Instagram story, Crenshaw cited a graph from the 2023 Congressional stock trading report from Unusual Whales.

Report Outlines 2023 Congressional Stock Trading

"This is the list that Watters is using. I'm pretty far down on it. Why choose me? Because he's a f***ing clown chasing clicks. He knows people will recognize me and react," Crenshaw said.

Rep. Crenshaw's Instagram story [Screenshot/Instagram]

* Screenshot from Rep. Crenshaw's Instagram story - Originally posted by Daily Caller *

“I’m sitting here trying to feed my 3-month-old and this dirt bag millionaire at Fox is accusing me of being a criminal, with zero evidence,” Crenshaw said in another Instagram story.

“Stop watching these mediocre entertainers. Stop letting wealthy elitists like [Jesse] Watters claim to be ‘fighting for you.’ They live in Manhattan and can’t stand normal people in red states. They think you’re stupid and feed you bulls*** to rile you up," he continued.

The Daily Caller provided additional context to Crenshaw's stock trading:

Crenshaw invested between $1,001 to $15,000 in Alphabet Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., Apple Inc. and Amazon Inc. on Oct. 25, 2022, according to a periodic transaction report from Dec. 1, 2022. He made investments ranging from $1,001 to $15,000 in the United States Oil Fund, Wynn Resorts and Direxion Financial Bull 3X Shares ETF.

A Crenshaw spokesperson previously told the Daily Caller that “all of these transactions were under $2,000” and that the “investments were made when the market dipped, which is exactly what countless other Americans do when they invest in the stock market.”

A fundamental question for public servants, like Crenshaw, is allowing members of Congress to make ANY investments in the stock market.

No matter how big or small the investment.

“Here is a longer table for many member’s portfolio returns. The names are across the aisle, from Democrats to Republicans. Famous traders like Dan Crenshaw, Nancy Pelosi, Josh Gottheimer and others all beat the market this year,” Unusual Whales wrote.

“Congress on average beat the market in 2022 and did better in 2023. I will not stop fighting market and political transparency until Congress is banned from trading,” Unusual Whales added.



* Image from Unusual Whales X Post *

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