South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, a Republican, signed legislation to ban transgender medical procedures on minors.

“The law bars health professionals from performing gender-transition surgeries, prescribing puberty blockers and overseeing hormone treatments for patients under 18,” the Associated Press reports.

South Carolina becomes the 25th state to ban such procedures on minors.

Per ABC News:

School principals or vice principals would have to notify parents or guardians if a child wanted to use a name other than their legal one, or a nickname or pronouns that did not match their sex assigned at birth.

Groups that support LGBTQ+ rights said Tuesday that they are considering a lawsuit against the state.

The bill was changed in the Senate to allow mental health counselors to talk about banned treatments — and even suggest a place where they are legal. Doctors can also prescribe puberty blockers for some conditions for which they are prescribed such as when a child begins what is called precocious puberty — as young as age 4.

Groups including the Campaign for Southern Equality noted that the law takes effect immediately. The group is gathering resources to help families find any help they might need outside of South Carolina and most of the Southeast, which have similar bans.

“I signed the Help Not Harm bill into law, which protects our state’s children from irreversible gender transition procedures and bans public funds from being used for them. I look forward to joining legislators and supporters at a ceremonial bill signing in the Upstate next week,” McMaster said.

From the Associated Press:

Supporters of the bill have cited their own unpublished evidence that puberty blockers increase self-harm and can be irreversible.

Groups that help transgender people promised to keep working even with the new law.

“To all of the young people in South Carolina and their parents who are reading this news and feeling fear for the future, please know: No law can change the fact that you are worthy of dignity, equality, joy, and respect,” said Cristina Picozzi, executive director of the Harriet Hancock Center, an LGBTQ+ advocacy nonprofit.

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