Street artist Sabo penned the saying “Republican is the New Punk” on supporters of President Trump. He says he became a Trump supporter when he saw that Trump is a fighter:

“The day I came to love Donald Trump was when I saw how hard he was kicking liberals in the teeth.” – Sabo

Art imitates life! The biggest punk rock legend just so happens to be a Trump supporter!

John Lydon aka punk legend Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols was seen wearing a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt before a New Orleans Concert. A photo was taken of Lyden at the New Orleans Civic Theatre before a performance with his band Public Image Ltd.

Lydon was known as the lead singer of the Sex Pistols originating in London but is now a U.S citizen living in Los Angeles and a Trump supporter:

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Daily Mail UK reports:

The singer dubbed President Trump ‘a complicated fellow’ in an interview on ITV Britain, adding: ‘As one journalist once said to me, is he the political Sex Pistol? In a way.’

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Lydon called out the left wing media and their attempts at trying to make President Trump out to be a racist:

‘What I dislike is the left-wing media in America are trying to smear the bloke as a racist, and that’s completely not true.’

Another Brit rocker who became a U.S. citizen is Billy Idol:

You’ve gotta love this! Rock Legend Billy Idol just became a US citizen today in a naturalization ceremony in Los Angeles, California…The legal route! You’ve gotta love the fact that Idol is pictured with a small American flag in his hand. He looks proud. The 80’s Rock icon who was known for Rock ballads like ‘White Wedding’ and ‘Rebel Yell’ (see below) has calmed down in recent years saying he’s now “soberish”.

Billy Idol is a Rock legend who went about being an American citizen in the right way:

For anyone too young to know or anyone too old to remember…


Welcome to America Billy Idol!

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