Although Dr. Fauci has desperately tried to distance himself from the gain of function research that was taking place in the Wuhan lab, the Department of Energy is the latest group to conclude that the Coronavirus that killed millions of people originated in China at the Wuhan lab.
Kanekoa The Great tweeted a video collection of Fauci denying his involvement while being questioned by Senator Rand Paul.
“Dr. Anthony Fauci funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab, lied to Congress about it, and now both the FBI & the Department of Energy have concluded that the Coronavirus originated at the Wuhan lab.
Does that mean Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the development of Covid-19?


An important follow-up question is, who authorized Dr. Fauci to use taxpayer money to fund research that resulted in death, deprivation, increased debt, and the destruction of small businesses? And is this research still being funded by U.S. citizens?

Republicans like Senator Paul have slammed Dr. Fauci for ‘lying’ about gain of function research and the origins of COVID. The Energy Department’s report found C-19 most likely originated in the Wuhan lab.
On Monday, Eighty-Two-Year-old Fauci broke his silence on the claims regarding Wuhan and his involvement, urging that Americans wait to draw conclusions about what occurred, urging people to keep an “open mind to all possibilities.” He also said he needed to see data regarding the possible lab leak.
Fauci called for an examination into the origins, saying, “There needs to be a lot more investigation into the origin. It’s very difficult to do if you don’t have access to the location in which it occurred.”
Yet, the American people who were devastated by the loss of loved ones and the closure of businesses amidst unconstitutional orders to stay home have every right to know what took place at the Wuhan lab. For the past three years, people around the world have struggled to rebuild their lives following these events, and it is well past time for everyone to know what took place in Wuhan and who funded the activities. Those responsible should be justly prosecuted and punished swiftly. The Wuhan lab should not be operating while there is an ongoing investigation.
Monica Crowley called out for justice, tweeting,
“Fauci and the rest of the Covid criminal cartels didn’t ‘get everything wrong.’ They knew the truth and lied, destroying countless lives and the health of the nation on purpose. Instead of being vilified and prosecuted, they were celebrated. There must be justice.”

Republican lawmakers rebuked Fauci for his role, yet there have not been consequences, while the Left propped him as a hero.
Rep. Reschenthaler tweeted,
“Fauci testified he didn’t fund gain-of-function research, laughed at the lab leak theory, demanded ineffective masking rules, and encouraged long-term lockdowns. All were proven to be lies and falsehoods. Never forget how the Left made him into a savior…”

The White House would not defend the new report, but Republican House members tweeted a response to the new reports from the Energy Department, saying, “Accountability is coming.” Americans are ready for accountability that results in justice.

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