Republican Matt Gaetz went hardcore on Michael Cohen tonight when he tweeted out a question insinuating that Cohen cheats on his wife.

Cohen was sentenced to 36 months in prison and is testifying on Capitol Hill for three days this week to do his best to destroy President Trump. He claims that Trump broke the law several times and wants to dirty up the president’s character as much as he can.

It’s sickening to see this happening while our president is overseas working towards denuclearization of North Korea. The Democrats want to take away from anything positive that Trump is doing so they bombard the media with propaganda and smears against the president.
Matt Gaetz spoke on the House floor about Cohen and tweeted (see below) out:

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Gaetz went there today with the tweet below:

Gaetz is getting huge pushback from the left but also from people on the right like Britt Hume and Buck Sexton.

The left is trying to throw out accusations of witness tampering on Gaetz.

They also want him disbarred too:



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