In acknowledgement of the second anniversary of January 6, Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls visited some of the imprisoned protestors. He said they complained about the way they were being treated, alleging abuse from their guards and claiming they were denied basic rights.

January 6th Demonstrations by the Epoch Times

Nehls talked about his Thursday, January 5, visit to a prison holding the J6-ers. He said, “I had an opportunity to visit. A couple of my staffers went with me, and when we pulled up to the jail, there was a whole entourage. We had everybody there from Mayor Bowser’s office. I mean, we had the head cheese there.” He went on, “[W]e spent about an hour and 15 minutes; they knew I was coming because the place smelled very, very clean. Almost to the point that it was irritating my eyes with the bleach. But here nor there. We were there. [W]e had an opportunity to go visit the J Sixers, the detainees in their tank, and there are about 21 of them there,” he said. “Many of them were there for pretrial confinement. We had about 15 minutes to listen to them. They’re concerned. They said that their grievances are not being heard.”

Nehls continued saying that the prisoners complained that they were being physically harmed by the officers,
“They also said that they’re not getting adequate medical treatment, which should be, as well as they were concerned about not having access to religious services. And there was one specific individual in there that was concerned about the assaults, the physical assaults that have been taking place against these individuals, by corrections officers. And I’m really looking into that. I want body camera video from the officers to confirm or deny that what these J six detainees are telling me is truthful.”

In a Friday press release, Nehls announced his intent to file a Freedom of Information Act (foil) request for video footage pertaining to the January 6 defendants’ claims.

The concern has been expressed by congressional leaders who have shared similar stories about prisoner treatment.

Many of the prisoners have languished in jail, likely fearful that they will also be denied a fair trial. Many Twitter users are calling for the Jan 6 political prisoners to be freed.

Another Twitter user reminds us that Brittney Griner had a faster, fairer trial in Russia than the J6 prisoners in America.

Laura Loomer accused the US Government of waging “full blown war against Americans based on their political affiliation & has taken political prisoners.”

The Texas Republican-authored “The Big Fraud,” a book that investigated the day’s events as well as the propaganda that was pushed in its wake. Just the News’ John Solomon pressed Nehls on the Capitol Police’s role on J6 and whether Americans could expect the GOP-led house to investigate what took place and what was happening to the political prisoners.

“I would love to help lead that effort,” Nehls responded regarding an investigation, noting that Americans still did not have access to the truth about what happened. “Because we need to release all the videos, we need to have everything. The American people need to hear a little bit about transparency because they haven’t heard it from [Rep.] Bennie Thompson [D-Miss.] and his sham [January 6] committee. So I’m hoping Kevin understands how important this is. When you look at that sham report 400 And something 80 pages…Donald Trump’s name is mentioned 4200 times.”
Nehls has been critical of the “J6 sham committee,” acknowledging it was nothing but a partisan hit job aimed at Donald Trump. He tweeted it “was NEVER about finding out the truth. It was ALWAYS about keeping Donald Trump off the ballot. Everyone knows it.”


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