Democrat operative and ABC “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos started his segment today by attempting discrediting his guest, Sen David Perdue (R-GA) after he clarified for his audience that Perdue is “one of President Trump’s closest allies”. It was a cheap attempt by Stephanopoulos to delegitimize any claims he might make about what happened in the private, bi-partisan, DACA meeting with senators in the White House. (video below)

Here’s the “grossly misleading” headline for the ABC News bombshell video interview, where Senator Perdue exposes Dick Durbin’s lie about what President Trump actually said in the private meeting: “One-on-one with Trump ally Senator David Perdue”

Stephanopoulos wasted no time jumping into the media created controversy about allegations that were made by the unreliable Democrat Senator, Dick Durbin (IL), who claimed President Trump referred to Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries” during their private meeting.  After Stephanopoulos positioned Senator Perdue as an unreliable source, he asked how Perdue for his response to Congressman Lewis’ comments that “Trump is a racist.” What’s almost as shocking as the obvious set-up Stephanopoulos used to convince his viewers that anything Senator Perdue said on his show couldn’t be taken seriously, because he supports our President, was the ease with which Stephanopoulos used Congressman Lewis’ accusation that our President is a “racist” without any condemnation of his vile, and baseless accusation.

Stephanopoulos then moved on and attempted to get Perdue to admit that President Trump used the “shithole” comment during the private meeting, to which Perdue remarked that Durbin’s recollection of what Trump said in that meeting was a “gross misrepresentation” of what Trump actually said. George asked Perdue: “What was the gross misrepresentation?” Senator Purdue clarified that “The gross misrepresentation was that language was used in there, that was not used, and also, that the tone of that meeting was not contributory and not constructive.”

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Here’s a partial transcript of their discussion:

Perdue: In 2013, Senator Durbin also made the same accusation against a Republican leader in a meeting with President Obama. And said that he chewed out the President and it was so disrespectful to President Obama, that we couldn’t even have the meeting. That’s what he said in 2013. Later in the day, the President’s own press secretary came out and said, and I quote, ‘It did not happen.'” 

Stephanopoulos: You just said that what Senator Durbin said, that words that the President used, were not used. You said, ‘that did not happen’. But it’s not just Senator Durbin who said that. I mean, Senator Lindsey Graham has put out a statement saying that he countered the president’s words in the moment. And he told his Republican colleague from South Carolina, Tim Scott, that those reports of that meeting were ‘basically accurate’. Those comments have been confirmed by multiple sources, but you’re saying it didn’t happen?

Perdue: Multiple sources? There were six of us in the room. I haven’t heard any of those six sources, other than Senator Durbin talk about what was said.

Stephanopoulos: Well, Senator Graham told Senator Scoot that those words were basically accurate.

Perdue: “Well, you’ll have to deal with him. ‘Basically’ is an operative word.”

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Finally, after much bantering back and forth, and after Senator Perdue did his best to outline what is actually important to the American people—what our government leaders are going to do to fix our broken immigration system, Purdue finally confirmed for Stephanopoulos was he hoping Perdue wouldn’t say:

“I’m telling you he did not use that word, George. And I’m telling you it’s a gross misrepresentation. How many times do you want me to say that?”



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