Republican Senator Susan Collins just published an op-ed in the Washington Post titled “Why I Can’t Vote For Donald Trump”…FYI Trump is our Republican nominee! He’s the candidate that beat out 16 other candidates in record-breaking numbers to win the nomination! He’s our guy, right? Well, the establishment political hacks and politicians aren’t happy about our choice. The globalists are going crazy because their agenda might not happen…The bottom line is what’s good for the American people is not what the political elites and globalists want for the future. It’s actually been a great thing for those of us who’ve known who these crooks are but hadn’t been able to convince others. Take for example, Senator Collins…Yes, she’s a 20-year member of the Senate! This just makes you wonder if the Republicans in her state are even watching her votes…We looked and couldn’t believe her record! Holy Smokes! She’s a liberal Democrat on paper! Wake up!


Yes, she scored an “F” on the Liberty Score!

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Now check this out:


She votes liberal 90% of the time!

We took her top four votes and look what we found:


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