How’s that for a bizarre, confusing headline?

Well, it all comes from a bizarre, confused, little man… John Anthony Castro.

Actually, if he looks or sounds familiar to you, it’s because we’ve seen him before.

Back when it was a popular trend to try and keep President Trump off the ballot, one of the main people filing all those lawsuits was, you guessed it, John Anthony Castro.

He claims to be a “Republican” but he was fighting President Trump in multiple states….and now he’s suing one of the most reliable Supreme Court Justices we have ever had: Clarence Thomas.

Doesn’t sound like much of a Republican to me!

Sounds more like a George Soros plant!  But what do I know….

This story actually dates back to February but I actually didn’t see it before now so in case you missed it too, I am covering it now.

Take a look:

Here are more details, from Newsweek:

Republican John Anthony Castro is filing a lawsuit against Clarence Thomas, accusing the U.S. Supreme Court associate justice of failing to file his income taxes, Newsweek has learned.

Castro, a long-shot Republican presidential candidate and who describes himself as a tax attorney who filed a flurry of lawsuits seeking to remove former President Donald Trump from the GOP primary ballot, told Newsweek that he is filing suit against Thomas in a Virginia court under the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act (VFATA). Although he mailed the complaint to the court on Friday, he expects it to take two business days for the court to process and file the case.

The complaint, which was shared with Newsweek, alleges that in violation of VFATA, “Clarence Thomas knowingly presented or caused to be presented a false and fraudulent claim (i.e., his 2005 Virginia State Income Tax Return) to the Virginia Department of Taxation on or about April 15, 2016, that failed to report income from discharge of indebtedness.”

Notably, the act states that a civil action cannot be brought “more than six years after the date on which the violation is committed.” It goes on to say that civil action can also be brought no more than three years after new facts come to light, however “no more than ten years after the date on which the violation is committed.”

Thomas has faced immense scrutiny and calls for his resignation after it was reported that he failed to disclose several transactions, including a $267,230 loan that he received from wealthy friend Anthony Welters. Last year, an investigation from the Senate Finance Committee revealed that Thomas never repaid a “substantial portion” of that loan, raising concerns about whether the justice properly reported it in his tax filings.

“Under Section 108 of the Internal Revenue Code, he would have had a legal obligation to report [the loan] as taxable income and the tax alone would have been, probably $40,000 or $50,000. That’s a third of his annual salary,” Castro said on Friday. “And that’s when I was like, ‘There’s no way he reported that because that’d be financially disastrous for him.’”

Castro is suing Thomas under VFATA, which allows private citizens anywhere in the country to bring a claim against a Virginia resident for making a knowingly false or fraudulent claim to the commonwealth for money or property, essentially empowering regular Americans to take on the role of a de factor agent of the Virginia attorney general.

“It basically allows you to bring a tax enforcement action against a taxpayer,” Castro said of the law.

Castro said he had planned to file the suit last year but claims that Trump coordinated with the Internal Revenue Service in retaliation against his activities “undermining the political objectives of the Trump Administration.”

“Right when I’m going to level these accusations against Clarence Thomas for filing false and fraudulent returns, what happens to me? I get accused of false and fraudulent returns,” Castro said.

The man sounds like a weasel to me, but I guess we will see how things play out in the Courts.

If this guy’s a Republican, then I’m a magic, flying, fairy dust sea monster!

Oh, and then there is this:

Man Filing Lawsuits To Remove Trump From Ballots Arrested For 33 Federal Counts!


I'm not a big believer in "Karma" but the Bible does say "Do to others what you would have them do to you."

The Bible also teaches quite a lot about sowing and reaping....

This man has sowed much discord and discontent, is he now reaping the same thing?

Take a look:

Man Filing Lawsuits To Remove Trump From Ballots Arrested For 33 Federal Counts!

Allow me to introduce you to John Anthony Castro.

Make that "Attorney" John Anthony Castro....

Stick with me on this because this is pure poetry in motion!

I said the other day that the "Trump Boomerang Effect" from 2016 was back in full force, and there is simply no better example of it than this.

You may not recognize his name right away, but trust me you will recognize his actions.

It turns out that most all of the court challenges to remove President Trump from the ballot in various different states all have one thing in common: they're all filed by the same guy, the same "Plaintiff" -- John Anthony Castro.

Imagine that!

From an October 2023 CNN article, here is Castro at work:

And here he is trying to bar Trump from New Hampshire:

From our own reporting just a few days ago, here is Nevada ruling against Castro:

And on and on it goes....

In fact, in almost every state challenge trying to ban Trump, you'll find Castro.

How charming!

The guy really gets around!

Maybe he needs more of a social life or something.....

Maybe pick up a hobby?

But this is his hobby.

It seems as though he has Trump Derangement Syndrome and he's got it BAD!

Level 5 TDS!

Here he is on Twitter basking in his newfound "fame" and posting a Newsweek article about his efforts against Trump:

But a funny thing happened on the way to victory for Castro....

The TRUMP BOOMERANG EFFECT just struck and it seems to have taken him down!




BREAKING: The man who has been filing lawsuits in every state to get Donald Trump removed from the 2024 election ballot has been arrested & charged with filing 17 sets of false tax documents to the IRS

In total, John Anthony Castro has been charged with 33 counts of aiding the preparation of false tax returns. Prosecutors claim he ran a virtual tax preparation business that provided customers with tax returns beyond what they were actually owed, defrauding the government.

Castro announced his "campaign" for President in the Republican primary which was clearly all for show in order for the deep state to use him as a vehicle to file the ballot lawsuits (all of which have failed).

You literally cannot make this up, this guy told judges Donald Trump was a criminal when in actuality, he was a criminal.


The irony and the poetic justice cannot be overstated....

The Hill had more glorious details:

A Texas man who filed over two dozen challenges to former President Trump’s ballot eligibility was arrested Tuesday on charges alleging he filed 17 sets of false tax documents to the IRS.

John Anthony Castro was indicted last week on 33 counts of aiding the preparation of false tax returns. Prosecutors claim he ran a virtual tax preparation business that provided customers with tax returns beyond what they were actually owed, defrauding the government.

“Castro would promise a significantly higher refund than taxpayers could receive from other preparers and on many occasions, offered to split the additional refund with taxpayers,” prosecutors said in court documents. “In order to achieve these larger refunds, Castro generated false deductions, that were not based in fact, and which were submitted without the taxpayer’s knowledge.”
Castro was busted by an undercover police officer, prosecutors outlined, who posed as a customer for his tax services. While a reputable tax preparer promised the undercover agent a $373 tax return, Castro instead claimed he could get $6,007, and offered to split the difference in extra cash.

The tax forms Castro then filed on behalf of the undercover officer contained nearly $30,000 in fraudulently claimed deductions, prosecutors said.

Castro is also a 2024 GOP presidential candidate, a long-shot bid that has gained little attention outside his legal challenges to Trump’s ballot eligibility. Castro has filed challenges to Trump’s ballot placement in 27 states, claiming that Trump’s involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots violates the 14th Amendment.

He was indicted on the same day that his ballot challenge in New Hampshire was dismissed. His attempts have also been thrown out in Florida and most recently in Nevada on Tuesday. While multiple of the suits remain pending, none have gained significant traction.

From his law firm's website, Castro sure does seem to think very highly of himself:

John Anthony Castro is the managing partner of Castro & Co. Dr. Castro earned his Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. Dr. Castro also earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) from UNM School of Law. Additionally, Dr. Castro is a graduate, alum, and fellow of Harvard Business School. Dr. Castro is an internationally recognized published scholar and author of International Taxation in Plain English, a soon to be published practitioner’s guide for attorneys practicing in the field of international tax and estate planning.

Dr. Castro is listed on each and every return submitted by Castro & Co. and AiTax as a Third-Party Designee, which authorizes him to practice federal tax law in all 50 states as well as the 68 countries with which the U.S. has income and estate tax treaties. In accordance with 5 U.S.C. § 500, generally, and 31 U.S.C. § 330, specifically, Dr. Castro is authorized to practice before the IRS albeit the U.S. Treasury has chosen not to regulate third-party designees listed on federal income tax returns. Nevertheless, Dr. Castro’s activities are authorized by federal law. As such, Dr. Castro is a federal tax practitioner and state bars cannot lawfully regulate his activities.

The general public does not know the difference between a state-licensed attorney that practices state law and the exemption for federal attorneys such as federal tax attorneys and patent attorneys that do not practice state law.(Editor's Note: Gee thanks Castro, the "General Public" is just so dumb, huh?  But not dumb enough to get charged with 33 federal counts!) Federal practitioners are not required to obtain state licensing because they only interpret and practice under federal laws; not state laws. The Florida Supreme Court articulates it very well in this document: click here (PDF Page 5, Section 11 “Federal Tax Practice”).

As the Florida Supreme Court’s analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Sperry v. Florida (373 U.S. 379, 1963) outlines, the activity of advising on federal tax law and income tax treaties is the “practice of law; it is merely authorized by federal regulation” leaving state bars without jurisdiction. This is what we in the legal profession call the “licensing exemption for federal practitioners.” Federal practitioners do not need to be licensed with a state bar. Moreover, state tax law and estate tax planning are matters ancillary to the federal practice and are also covered. In other words, just as preparing state income tax returns is allowed, our firm’s position is that preparing state trusts are also covered. We understand the issue of state trusts being ancillary to the federal practice is a matter that is not settled law, but we are approaching it in good-faith to establish precedent. We have a positive working relationship with all state bars.

We believe in honesty and transparency and always welcome respectful due diligence from clients and colleagues. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices.

My favorite part is that last paragraph!

Honesty and transparency are definitely the two things I will always think about when I think about this Castro guy!


Even the NY Times is covering the disastrous charges to Castro:

A long-shot Republican presidential candidate who has repeatedly, and so far unsuccessfully, tried to have Donald J. Trump thrown off the primary ballot was arrested this week on federal charges of preparing false tax returns for clients.

The candidate, John Anthony Castro, faces 33 felony counts of aiding and assisting in the preparation and presentation of a false and fraudulent return. Each count carries a sentence of up to three years in prison if he is convicted.

Court records show that prosecutors filed an indictment of Mr. Castro under seal on Jan. 3. That same day, Mr. Castro represented himself in a New Hampshire courtroom, appearing without a lawyer to contest Mr. Trump’s eligibility.

The records in the criminal case against Mr. Castro, which are now public, show that he was arrested by federal agents on Tuesday and was released after making an initial appearance in federal court in Fort Worth

Mr. Castro graduated from law school but has never been licensed to practice law in any state. His bare-bones presidential campaign had raised $678 as of September, and he has not emerged as a serious challenger to the leading Republican candidates.  (Editor's Note: what a winner this guy is!)

Even so, Mr. Castro has made headlines for a fire hose of litigation in at least 27 states, asserting that Mr. Trump is barred from the presidency by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which excludes from office any federal or state official who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion.”

Tracking Efforts to Remove Trump From the 2024 Ballot
See which states have challenges seeking to bar Donald J. Trump from the presidential primary ballot.

Several of Mr. Castro’s lawsuits remain pending, either in trial courts or on appeal, but to date, none of them have gained significant traction. Some judges have questioned whether he had standing to sue on the issue, and have expressed doubts that he was a serious candidate for the presidency. Earlier this week, a federal judge in Nevada dismissed Mr. Castro’s lawsuit in that state, finding that by running for president, he was “creating his own injury in order to manufacture standing.”

The criminal charges against Mr. Castro, who has prepared income tax returns for clients of his business, accuse him of repeatedly promising to help those clients get a higher tax refund than other preparers could, and of claiming false deductions on their returns without the clients’ knowledge. The indictment claims he “devised and executed a scheme to defraud the United States by falsely creating and submitting false tax returns on behalf of unsuspecting taxpayers.”

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Mr. Castro claimed he was being persecuted and retaliated against by Trump appointees. He said the allegations in the indictment involved actions he took years ago and that he had previously taken responsibility for misinterpreting the tax code in those instances. He added that he thought the charges against him were an attempt to disrupt his lawsuits regarding Mr. Trump.

“They sat on it for three years to see if I would stop being a problem, politically, and go away, and I didn’t,” said Mr. Castro.

He said the charges might affect his plans to file more lawsuits around the country on the ballot eligibility issue, because he now needs the court’s permission to leave Texas.

Here is the Press Release from the United States Attorney's Office:

A Mansfield man has been charged with 33-counts of filing fraudulent tax returns, announced U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Leigha Simonton.

John Anthony Castro, 40, was indicted on thirty-three counts of aiding and assisting in the preparation and presentation of a false and fraudulent return. He made his initial appearance Tuesday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Hal R. Ray, Jr.

“Mr. Castro’s alleged crimes are stunning in their brazenness,” said U.S. Attorney Simonton. “The Department of Justice will continue to hold people accountable who steal from the federal government’s—and the American public’s—pockets.”

"This is precisely the type of conduct IRS Criminal Investigation and our law enforcement partners are committed to deterring,” said Tammy Tomlins, Special Agent in Charge of the Newark Field Office. “Today’s indictment sends a clear message, you will be held accountable, if you abuse our tax system for your personal financial gain.”

According to the indictment, Mr. Castro owned and operated Castro & Company LLC. a virtual tax preparation business with locations in Orlando, Florida, Mansfield, Texas, and Washington, D.C. Starting in 2016, Mr. Castro devised a scheme to falsely create and submit false tax returns on behalf of unsuspecting taxpayers. Taxpayers would seek out Castro’s assistance in filing personal tax returns and Mr. Castro would promise a significantly higher refund than taxpayers could receive from other prepares and on many occasions offered to split the additional refund with taxpayers. In order to achieve these larger refunds, Mr. Castro generated false deductions without the taxpayer’s knowledge.

In 2018, an undercover agent, posing as a taxpayer, contacted Castro & Company, LLC for assistance. Castro refused to meet in person unless a $5,000 retainer was paid but offered to assist the undercover agent virtually. During a recorded telephone conversation, Mr. Castro stated that he could project the amount of the tax refund the undercover agent would likely receive from another firm and then compare that figure with the refund that Mr. Castro would obtain.

According to the indictment, an employee of Mr. Castro’s interviewed the agent over the telephone regarding deductions. The employee stated that Mr. Castro would make any decisions regarding what items would be included on the tax filing. The employee did not identify any deductions that would apply to the agent and in the course of the interview, the undercover agent denied any facts that would support deductions. On March 14, 2018, Mr. Castro filed the agent’s tax return claiming $29,339 in fraudulent deductions. The IRS issued a refund of $6,007, Mr. Castro received $2,999 for his services and the agent received the remaining amount of $3,008. As Castro told the taxpayer, he would have received only a $300 deduction had he used another tax preparer.

Mr. Castro continued in a similar pattern with dozens of other taxpayers, resulting in hundreds of thousands of improperly paid claims.

An indictment is merely an allegation of criminal conduct, not evidence. Mr. Castro is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

If convicted on all counts, he faces up to 99 years in federal prison – 3 years per count.

The Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation conducted the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney P.J. Meitl is prosecuting the case.

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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