Yesterday, Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted a video of himself on the Mexican border flying in a helicopter and traveling on horseback with US border agents.

It makes for great theater to see Republican Speaker Ryan pleading the case for a border wall, but how sincere are the GOP about building the border wall? Even after posting a video that appears to show Ryan’s support for the wall, he still seems unsure of himself. It’s almost as though he’s testing the political winds when he asks Twitter users to retweet if they agree that we need to start building the wall. How committed is the (formerly?) anti-Trump Paul Ryan to building the border wall that would fulfill one of President Trump’s most popular campaign promises to the American people? Does he have the what it takes to defy the wishes of corporate donors and the US Chamber of Commerce, and do the right thing for the national security and well-being of our nation?

The Last Refuge- Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives, Republicans are in control of the Senate, a Republican President is in the White House, and somehow there’s “negotiations” on how to fund the #1 campaign promise of President Donald Trump, the border wall.

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Here’s the rub.

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Here’s what pundits never discuss.

The Republican party doesn’t need a single Democrat to fund the border wall.

A single spending bill could come from the House of Representatives that fully funds 100% of the border wall. The spending bill then goes to the senate, where again, it doesn’t need a single Democrat vote because spending legislation is specifically what “reconciliation” was designed to facilitate. That House bill can pass the Senate with 51 votes and proceed directly to the President’s desk for signature.

So, ask yourself: why is this even a point of discussion?

The honest answer, for those who are no longer suffering from Battered Conservative Syndrome, is that Republicans don’t want to fund or build an actual physical barrier known as the Southern Border Wall.

It really is that simple.

If one didn’t know better, they’d almost think Speaker Ryan was attempting to emulate the man he clearly despised during the 2016 presidential campaign. Yesterday, Ryan tweeted: “‘Make America the best’ once again?” Hmmm…interesting choice of words Paul. Ryan wouldn’t want anyone to think he was backing our President in his quest to “Make America Great Again!”…or as it gets closer to Ryan’s bid for re-election, maybe he’s starting to warm up to the very popular President Trump? 


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