Yesterday, Republican Senator Tom Cotton (AZ) made an appearance on the shark tank, aka, Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. They got into a heated exchange when the shamefully biased host attempted to blame President Trump for not accepting the Democrats deal on amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Todd started his questioning of Senator Cotton by telling him that Senator Chuck Schumer offered President Trump full funding for his wall. Senator Cotton looked at Chuck Todd, smirked, and asked him “Were you in that meeting?” Cotton then blasted Todd with the truth about what happened in that meeting:

“It’s hard for the President to negotiate. It’s hard for the President or for Senate Republicans to negotiate when the Democrats sitting across the table don’t get what they want. They run out and they misrepresent what was a good faith effort to listen and to build trust, claim that some ridiculous deal was made and then claim that the President walked away from that deal and the media buys it hook, line, and sinker. The President and the Senate Republicans engaged on this issue have been consistent with this issue since September when the President ended Prsident Obama’s unlawful program. The problem we have is, for 4 and 1/2 months,  the Democrats have not been negotiating on these very real and very honest concerns.

Todd was relentless in his efforts to paint President Trump and the GOP lawmakers as not being interested in working with the Democrats. Todd continued, ‘What I don’t understand is how you don’t see that as progress now that Chuck Schumer even publicly is saying, ‘You get funding for the wall’? Louis Guiterrez, publicly saying ‘You get funding for the wall’. How is that not done? If you’re the Democrats here, they say, we’ve moved much further?” Tom Cotton was not backing down to the Democrat Party’s propaganda host, and explained how the “devil is always in the details”. Cotton went on to tell viewers how Democrats are not really offering to fund a wall, that it’s just a smokescreen to get amnesty for illegals, that the deal was really about “repairing” the existing wall and cutting deals for one year, while not really offering to fund the construction of the wall.



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