Almost every conservative who’s been involved at the grassroots level knows someone who fits this description:

They work harder than most—and the majority of the work they do is done behind the scenes.

They don’t ask for praise or credit—and they aren’t paid for the endless hours they put into the cause.

They love their country, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the tyrannical left doesn’t strip America of our freedoms.

In Michigan, that person is Bill Rauderwink.

Bill Rauderwink Communications Director MI Conservative Coalition

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Bill is the communications director for the MCC (Michigan Conservative Coalition), and the work he and his group have done over the past 5 years is nothing short of incredible.

I met Bill several years ago when out of curiosity, I asked to meet with this small group of incredible patriots who appeared to be shaking up the Republican Party—in a very good way. I wanted to know how they were able to create so many events and work around the Republican Party, which, like in most states, specializes in fundraising and cocktail parties but not much of anything else to speak of. Within 10 minutes, I realized that I was amongst kindred spirits—I was with people who choose results over recognition—patriots who are willing to take the more difficult, non-traditional path even if it means being criticized or even ostracized at times by others—and people who would have the courage to stand up and go toe-to-toe with the establishment when necessary, yet aren’t naive enough to believe they can do it on their own.

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Thanks to Bill Rauderwink, Meshawn Maddock (one of the most hated women by the Left and their allies in the media)  on the radio, discussing protests they were organizing or far-left legislation they were fighting in the state of Michigan. Somehow, I made it on their email list and began receiving notifications about various events they were hosting in the state. From sold-out Women for Trump luncheons to the very first ever anti-lockdown protest in America, the Michigan Conservative Coalition was actually MAKING A DIFFERENCE in our state—and incredibly, they were also having a ripple effect across America. In my meeting with the MCC, I discovered that Bill Rauderwink was a quiet force behind many of their events. He quietly worked behind the scenes to make sure they reached the masses with clever campaigns, press releases, and others behind the scenes activities.

Bill is running for GOP Chair of the 14th District. He’s running against Monica Palmer (R), Chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, who famously caved when she had the opportunity to reject the certification of the vote in Detroit that could’ve changed the results of the November election in Michigan.  Former MI Senator Patrick Colbeck explained how Monica Palmer and Bill Hartmann, who were threatened for voting against the certification of the votes by Democrats, ultimately gave in to the Democrats.

I was a GOP poll challenger and frankly, I was stunned by Monica Palmer’s lack of leadership, as GOP poll workers were being locked out of the room and poll workers repeatedly approached her about workers and outside agitators who were bullying them or their concern for the large table filled with empty ballots that election workers took by the handful back to their counting tables with little to no oversight.

Waye County Board of Canvassers Chair Monica Palmer (R)

Shane Trejo, of Big League Politics, wrote about Palmer’s run for Chair of the 14th District. He called Palmer out for naively believing that if she agreed to certify the votes in crooked Wayne County, MI, the Democrats would allow a forensic audit.

Palmer was there on the absentee vote counting floor when tens of thousands of ballots were delivered to the TCF Center in Detroit at the dead of night with no chain of custody, no accountability, no transparency, nothing.

Did Palmer bring up these concerns during crucial vote certification hearings with the rest of her board? No, she did not have the courage to call a spade a spade. She was weak, she equivocated, and the Left seized upon her weakness. The Democrats pounced after she and Hartmann initially refused to certify the vote, and they caved in typical fashion.

Make no mistake about it: Palmer and Hartmann’s failure to show courage at this moment doomed the state completely and ended any chance of Michigan voter fraud being overturned.

After their failure, Palmer and Hartmann offered excuses for why they didn’t do the right thing when I counted:

The bad guys promised us that they were going to do an audit of the ballots if we certified, and then they lied to us! 

We rescinded our votes after they were already counted, which had an effect on nothing since we already blew it, but we stood strong! 

The Republican Party will not survive with weak leadership. We need good people like Bill Rauderwink who are willing to take a page from Trump’s playbook—a hard worker who isn’t afraid to stand up to the left and fight.

When members of the Michigan Conservative Coalition helped the Oakland Co. Republican Party host an event featuring firebrand conservative Candace Owens, I watched Bill sit back and enjoy the event. He took none of the responsibility for helping to coordinate the event, even though he had plenty to do with scheduling interviews and receiving tons of local publicity for the sold-out event. It was that evening I realized how most of the progress that had been made to bring awareness to important conservative issues and, more importantly, to turn the state of Michigan red in 2016, after decades of electing Democrat presidents, was due to this small group, with Bill Rauderwick as one of the driving forces.




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