After he abused his time at the White House as a stepping stone to profits…Republicans have been quick to deny Trump’s one-time national security advisor, John Bolton’s, help leading up to the November election.

Bolton, thankfully, is not running for office himself, but rather says he wants to focus his energy to maintain Republican control of the U.S. Senate, according to USA Today. Bolton has two political action committees (PACs) – one that he can use to raise money from wealthy donors and give directly to GOP candidates, and a second “super PAC” to finance independent political ads and other campaign activities.

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Will Republicans take his dirty money?

Republicans have not hesitated in labeling him as a disgruntled liar, and Democrats have disdain for him for not voluntarily testifying in Trump’s impeachment trial. To say the least, he not in great standing with political elites…making him a political outcast in both parties even as he seeks to be a player in November.

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Despite raking in nearly a $2 million book contract to write an explosive tell-all book on President Trump, Bolton vows to help Republicans in November.  Quite frankly, Bolton’s “help” has done the opposite of helping, rather hurting the election prospects of congressional and Senate Republicans with his attacks on Trump.

Further, “Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has thrown a wet blanket on John Bolton’s new tell-all book that many believe was released in advance of the upcoming election to harm President Trump’s chances of being re-elected. The former White House press secretary, who had a strong and close relationship with President Trump, is calling out the President Trump’s former NSA John Bolton, as a senior official who was  ‘drunk on power,'” as reported by 100% Fed Up.

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In his book, the previously, so-called conservative darling and foreign policy adviser depicts Trump as “erratic,” “stunningly uninformed” and driven solely by self-interest. Sure doesn’t sound like “help” for the conservative movement…

According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, Bolton raised million totaling more than $9 million between his regular PAC and his super PAC in the 2016 election. He spent millions of dollars in that election supporting Republican candidates, directly and indirectly, who aligned with his, at the time, hard-line conservative views.

His most recent campaign filing shows that his regular PAC had $340,000 at the end of May. And his super PAC has received only a handful of donations this election cycle, totaling about $115,000. With only a few months left until the November election, it seems Bolton’s well may not be as deep as the past.

Republicans who have accepted Bolton’s PAC money in the past may now find his “help” as a liability to their reelection efforts. With the added volatility of a recovering pandemic and social unrest, backstabbing Bolton is the last thing Republican candidates need.

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