House Republicans led by Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Andy Biggs, stormed the impeachment meeting today to show their distrust of how the process is going to try and impeach President Trump.

The Republicans have called for more oversight and more information instead of the more one-sided and secretive manner in which Democrats have been holding meetings.

Rep. Andy Biggs spoke out against the secretive meetings:

ALL Americans should be outraged at the secrecy by which Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are conducting their unauthorized impeachment inquisition of @realDonaldTrump. Everyone should stand for truth, transparency, and due process. That’s why I’m storming Schiff’s SCIF.

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Is it too much to ask for this process to be fair and not ramrodded down the throats of the American citizens who elected this president?

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“We demand open proceedings…” – Rep. Mo Brooks

Maybe Republicans are FINALLY fighting…time will tell.

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