Republican organizations are demanding that the Federal Election Commission investigate Google over allegations that their algorithm has cost over $1 billion in fundraising efforts

Google’s algorithm has long faced accusations of bias against conservative. However, now a number of Republican committees are demanding that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) investigate the tech company over the claim that its algorithm possesses inherent political bias against right-wing candidates.

From the Epoch Times:

On April 27, the Republican National Committee (RNC), National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), and National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) filed a joint complaint with the FEC to investigate the claims made by researchers at North Carolina State University (NCSU) that Gmail’s algorithm “makes it much harder for Republicans to reach their supporters” than Democrats and stifles the fundraising efforts of Republicans.

The Republican groups said that this bias significantly impacted the party’s fundraising and outreach efforts, with potential costs running at over a billion.

The NCSU research indicates that Gmail’s spam filtering algorithm “retained the majority of left-wing candidate emails in inbox (< 10.12% marked as spam) while sent the majority of right-wing candidate emails to the spam folder (up to 77.2% marked as spam).”

You read that right. Over 77% of right-wing candidate emails were marked as spam.

The study also showed that this bias became increasingly apparent as time got closer to the 2020 General election.

Using the results of the study, NRSC Chairman, Senator Rick Scott (FL,) contends that this bias has cost Republicans $1.5 billion in missed funding opportunities. Additionally, Scott noted that Gmail could block emails sent out by the Republican Party in states holding high-profile races, thus amounting to “Left wing Democrat voter suppression from Big Tech.”

Google, like pre-Musk Twitter and other Big Tech companies, has a strong bias against conservatives. Research now proves that Google’s algorithm has been damaging to Republican campaign efforts. Yet, Democrats’ main concern for “free and fair elections” now is t hat Elon Musk bought Twitter to make the platform once again uncensored. This tells you all that you need to know about their priorities.

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