Black Lives Matter protesters are becoming increasingly emboldened as Democrat leaders make it clear they are not on the side of law-abiding citizens or law enforcement officers tasked with keeping the peace.

Last night, independent journalist Savanah Hernandez was reporting from the streets in Austin, Texas where things are starting to heat up with Antifa members fighting each other and members of the Marxist BLM over how much lawlessness is acceptable.

Hernandez captured an incredible exchange between a BLM agitator with a bull horn and an innocent customer seated at an outdoor patio restaurant in Austin, TX. The BLM agitator can be seen shouting over a barrier surrounding the outdoor restaurant to customers, telling them they “I will express my anger at all of you! You need to choose a f*cking side!” The BLM agitator gets closer to the customer as the restaurant manager stands by helpless. “If you don’t choose a f*cking side—you are the problem!” he shouts. The BLM agitator stops to call out a customer with his bull horn for allegedly “laughing” at him. “Hey, look at me! You don’t wanna look at me, but you wanna laugh! Yeah–p*ssy ass boy! Come out on these streets and we’ll see who’s laughing, N*gga!” he shouted, adding, “Don’t you ever laugh at my pain again!”

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In another video, Hernandez shows the police trying to clear the city streets of the violent agitators that Democrat leaders in Washington refer to as “peaceful protesters.”

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