A senior American woman named Patty had finally retired and was living on a fixed income when she suddenly was forced to unretire and go back to work because of the record-high inflation rate and unstable economy.

In an interview with CBS News, Patty expressed her disappointment in having to give up her retirement years in order to keep her head above water.

“I thought was done. I had worked it all out financially that, you know, I could afford it,” she said.

When asked what happened, Patty simply replied, “The economy. Inflation happened. It just kinda overwhelmed me.”

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“My safety net is just gone.”

Patty is now bagging groceries at a supermarket to keep herself from draining her bank account. After just two hours at work, she finds herself suffering from foot and back pain.

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“It’s still something I’m mentally processing…” trying to wrap her head around the idea that this is going to be the rest of her life, as she jumps back into the workforce.

“I don’t really see a time where I’ll be able to retire again, or entirely again, which is sort of annoying and sad.”

As the Biden regime spends money on self-promoting agenda items like forgiving student debt and the “green deal,” prices are surging and people are struggling to make ends meet.

While student loans are being forgiven, senior citizens are forced to give up retirement in order to survive in Biden’s America.

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