It takes one statement like the one below to sum everything up regarding what’s been going on since President Trump took office. From day one, the left has been targeting Trump because they see him as a threat to their power and corruption. It becomes more evident every day that they will do everything they can to stop him.

Earlier today, President Trump opened up about the criminal investigation into the Russia hoax (see video below) to say what will be revealed about this hoax is unbelievable: “I think you’ll see things that nobody would have believed. This was the worst hoax in the history of our country.”

It is true that Trump has “checkmated” everyone, and he is a “dangerous man” to the status quo in D.C. It’s exactly why the left is coming after him besides the fact that they don’t want decades of corruption to be exposed.

Retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor:

“Everyone is scared to death of Donald Trump because Donald Trump plays chess in multiple dimensions simultaneously. He has now checkmated all of his potential opponents, his competitors. So clearly, he’s a dangerous man.”

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President Trump just spoke out about the criminal investigation into the Russia Hoax.

“But…I do know there has been a long term look-at…look-see, and it looks like it’s becoming very serious from what I’m hearing. Investigate the investigators whether it’s Strzok and Page…whether it’s Clapper and whether it’s Comey and all of these people because terrible things went on for our country. And we have a great attorney general…highly prestigious man…a very honorable man and they’ve been looking at it for a long time.”

“I can’t tell you what’s happening. I will tell you this. I think you’re going to see a lot of really bad things. And a lot of people think that. And they know they have problems because they were very dishonest. And again, I leave it all up to the attorney general, and I leave it all up to the people that are working with the attorney general who I don’t know.”

“But I will say this…I think you’ll see things that nobody would have believed. This was the worst hoax in the history of our country.”

He’s right, and as predicted, the media and others are circling the wagons for the Deep State by saying the timing of the news of the criminal investigation is to distract from the impeachment hoax.

The usual suspects have been spinning since the news came out. The New York Times and others are working feverishly to pivot back to impeachment.

Watch James Clapper on CNN last night right after the news broke. Notice how he tries to follow the script that all other leftist media and Deep State actors are following:

Watch him squirm…

James Clapper gave off all sorts of uncomfortable vibes during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon last night. This was after the news that the investigation into how the Russia hoax against Trump started took a sharp turn. It’s now a criminal case (see report below).

Watch below as Clapper goes into playing innocent and wondering what in the world could be considered a “criminal infraction”:

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