The true target of the FBI’s raid on President Trump at Mar-a-Lago was his private stash of documents including exonerating files.

When the FBI raided President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, they officially were seeking all government documents located within. In actuality, however, the FBI was seeking out documents in President Trump’s personal stash.

A Tweet by Jeff Carlson revealing the true target of the FBI’s raid

The Justice Department feared that Trump may “weaponize” these documents, which included documents which would exonerate him of the Russiagate conspiracy from 2016, and was determined not to let him do so.

“They collected everything that rightfully belonged to the U.S. government but the true target was these documents that Trump had been collecting since early in his administration,”  a source within US intelligence said.

Another source, this time a former Trump official, said the following:

“Trump was particularly interested in matters related to the Russia hoax and the wrong-doings of the deep state. I think he felt, and I agree, that these are facts that the American people need to know.”

The intelligence officials also admitted that not only were these personal documents of President Trump’s their primary target, but that the actual contents and the classification level for them are irrelevant. The fact that Trump, specifically Trump, had them is all that mattered to the FBI.

National security was entirely irrelevant to the raid. According to the officials, this was about the “fear” that Trump would “weaponize” documents he had, such as those exonerating him of any Russian collusion in 2016 and other election claims against him.

In fact, up until the FBI discovered that Trump had his own stash of documents, the communications regarding return of other official documents were cordial. President Trump was complying, and did in fact send several boxes of official papers and reports back already.

When the DOJ and the FBI pull stunts like this, it erodes confidence that they are capable of acting as a non-partisan administrator of justice. So much so, in fact, that Stasi comparisons have been rampant since the unprecedented raid–and in light of all this, who can deny the similarities.

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