The phony Trump-Russian collusion theory is hit with yet another major blow…

On September 6, 2017, liberal media elites believed they found the missing link between Donald Trump and the Putin regime.

A Russian firm linked to pro-Kremlin propaganda had advertised on Facebook during the election.
The company spent only $100,000 on the Facebook ads but liberals believed this was enough to flip the election to Trump.

President Trump mocked the media’s hysteria over the release of the “Russian ads” that were certain to FINALLY connect Donald Trump and his campaign once and for all to the Kremlin.

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Washington Post was so certain the Donald Trump was behind the Facebook ads that they ran a series of stories that would lead there readers to believe there was no chance the ads purchased by the Russians could be for any other reason than the promotion of Donald J. Trump. Here is just an example of what you’ll find if you go the Washington Post news site and search Russian Facebook ads:

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What you won’t find included in that list is the ACTUAL story that provides EVIDENCE that the Russians were buying ads in an effort to DEFEAT Donald J. Trump.

But alas, thanks to Gateway Pundit, a post buried in a Reddit from the Washington Post that clarified who the Russians were supporting with their ad dollars.

Hint: It wasn’t Donald Trump and it wasn’t a unity group either.


Why wouldn’t the Russians want to see the next leader of the greatest nation on earth who is a known entity, someone who is quick to sell America’s uranium to Russian, and someone who will sell a favor at the drop of a hat in return for a contribution to their slush fund, aka The Clinton Foundation?

Here’s the Reddit post:

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