On Monday evening, prominent Christian faith leader Reverend Franklin Graham spoke at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando, Florida.

He warned that there is a ‘coming storm’ and that it appears as if ‘every domain in hell has been turned loose’.

He said that faithful people in the United States will face dark times as they are “living in a cancel culture that wants to destroy Christian organizations.”

Graham mentioned multiple recent troubling developments indicating that Christians are being marginalized from public life, including an incident where the National Committee for Religious Freedom had its Chase bank account closed last October.

He said that some Christian companies have stepped up to the plate to provide Christian organizations with services that are essential to function in the modern world, such as data storage.

He referenced Samaritan’s Purse, which has a data center in Colorado.

“We built it big enough so that we can help other organizations if they want to store their data there, too,” Mr. Graham said.

He ended on a more optimistic note, saying that Christians still should attempt to evangelize and share the gospel despite the unprecedented assault on their rights.

“We cannot back up, we can’t retreat, don’t apologize for the Gospel. Just declare it, just preach it.” He said, assuring his followers that if they ‘preach the gospel’ they have nothing to worry about.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

Orlando, Florida- Reverend Franklin Graham has warned America about the “coming storm” headed its way. Churches and ministries are in the crosshairs.

The Christian Post reported that Graham, who serves as president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and head of Samaritan’s Purse, sounded the alarm during a keynote speech Monday evening at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando, Florida.

I believe there is a coming storm that we all need to be ready for,” Graham said. “The world has deteriorated so quickly. We cannot be deceived and we can’t be fooled. We need to get ready and be prepared.

It’s not going to be good. The world is deteriorating so quickly. It seems like every demon in hell has been turned loose.

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