Ahead of primary elections on Tuesday the 8th, the elected sheriff of Smyth County in Virginia has recently filed a membership application with the Republican Party. Having run and won as a Democrat in 2015 and 2019, Sheriff Chip Shuler made the decision to begin the process of officially switching parties in light of the growing calls for defunding the police by many prominent Democrat politicians.

According to Fox News, Sheriff Shuler expressed disappointment at the “unprecedented assault on our profession” with regards to the BLM movement and other far-left outfits that are vigorously calling for police departments across the country to be stripped away of their ability to maintain law and order. Sheriff Shuler also expressed disappointment at how quickly agitators have been willing to paint all law enforcement officers with such a broad brush because of “the bad acts of a few”.

The Smyth County Republican Party has congratulated this move and is ” thrilled to have him as a member of the Republican Party in Smyth County”. Indeed, since gaining razor-thin control of Virginia’s General Assembly after an upset victory in 2019, Virginia Democrats have enacted policies that many are concerned would greatly reduce the ability of law enforcement to carry out their duties.

In a separate interview with Fox, Sheriff Brian Hieatt, another Sheriff who switched parties last year, made it clear that “you get what you pay for.” when it comes to funding reduction for the nation’s police departments. With crime rates rising sharply in cities with the harshest defunding efforts, there might be some truth to that assessment.

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