Comedian Ricky Gervais just hit back at media critics of his Golden Globes attack on Hollywood elites.

After his blistering monologue ripping Hollywood, Gervais was attacked by the media and others who feigned boredom at his remarks. The Washington Post declared that ‘nobody cared’ about his take on elitist Hollywood. They just can’t be bothered by a truth-telling comedian…Yawn. They might want to listen to what Gervais had to say because they’re losing their audience and losing money due to their tone-deaf attitude toward middle America.

Gervais tweeted out his take on being called ‘right-wing’ for his monologue at the Globes:

“How the f–k can teasing huge corporations, and the richest, most privileged people in the world be considered right-wing?”

The monologue was widely celebrated by conservatives.

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Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out his approval:


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