Throughout Biden’s political career, he has been caught in a number of lies that have damaged his reputation.  The lie that caused his first Presidential bid in 1988 to implode is already well-known.  Biden plagiarized a speech by the leader of the British Labour Party, Neil Kinnock.

During the same campaign, Biden claimed that he graduated among the top in his class in law school.  It was later revealed that he graduated near the bottom, ranking 76th out of 85 students.

Earlier today, Biden resurrected another old lie that he was a professor at UPenn.  The fib came after he snapped at a woman during a tour of the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  WATCH:


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Biden was paid $1 Million by UPenn, but one article from The Daily Pennsylvanian further confirmed that he never taught a class after they wrote a headline saying “No One Is Really Sure What Joe Biden Will Be Doing At Penn”.



Biden’s lies are not limited to the academic realm, however.  Last year, Biden claimed that his wife almost died in a house fire at his Delaware residence, when in reality, it was a minor kitchen fire with no visible damage to the outside of the house.

Biden has also held fictitious conversations with people.  At one point, he claimed that he talked to an Amtrak conductor who retired 15 years before Biden became Vice President and died the year he told the story.

Biden has also said that he drove an 18-wheeler truck and that a lumber company offered him a job in Idaho, both of which were later disproven.

We can only hope that our lives are as riveting as Biden’s imagination.



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