Female Congressional Democrats are wearing white tonight for the State of the Union to supposedly “send a political message” to President Trump. Why? They’re forgetting one key thing about President Trump:

President Trump has a great record of promoting and empowering women!

The Hill even reported that Trump’s first year in office was “The Year of the Woman” with Trump hiring an “astounding number of women for senior-level positions.”

Most importantly, women are doing better than ever during the Trump presidency, with low unemployment, higher wages and economic growth we haven’t seen in decades!

Why? We think it’s a great question to ask the Democrats who have obviously decided to protest SOMETHING…

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We disagree with using the SOTU as a platform for a protest like the Democrats also did last year. It takes away from the night of what’s supposed to be Congress and the American people listening to the president’s speech.

It’s disrespectful but what else do we expect from the Democrats when it comes to President Trump? They’ve been like this from the beginning.

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MSNBC: “Democratic women send a political message by wearing white to President Trump’s SOTU address”

Could it be that they just want to take the spotlight away from our president and put it on themselves? There are quite a few attention seekers in the group beginning with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has been enjoying every moment of attention she’s gotten since she arrived in D.C. As long as she doesn’t try to explain anything to do with the economy, she should be ok.

WELL, THERE SHE GOES…She never turns down an opportunity to get her face in the camera:

So, the women are apparently wearing suffragette white to send a “message that this Congress stands with women”. The only problem is the Republican women were excluded from this special moment. Hmmm

Note to Democratic women in Congress; This is not about you! This is a speech the president gives once a year to the Congress.

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