New York City’s government continues to show the country it’s a complete clown show.

On Friday, Mayor Eric Adams introduced a robot cop that apparently will deter crime.

“Devices like the K5 have the possibility to serve as a deterrent to crime,” Adams said at a press conference in the NYC subway system.

“We must use every available method to keep New Yorkers safe — including state of the art technologies like the Knightscope K5 security robot,” Adams wrote.

“These devices will serve as an important, innovative deterrent to crime so we can keep NYC the safest big city in America,” he added.





*Images from Mayor Eric Adams X Post*

The “Knightscope K5 Night Security Robot” will patrol the Times Square subway station overnight in a two-month trial.

CBS News reports:

Adams said the city is looking to technology since the number of law enforcement personnel is dropping.

“It will record video that can be reviewed in case of an emergency or a crime. It will not record audio,” said Adams.

The robot, which weighs 420 lbs., will be active and moving around the Times Square station from midnight to 6 a.m. It also has a button riders can press to connect with a live person to ask a question or report an incident.

“For the first two weeks, it will be trained to map out the station. It will move around the main station area and not on the platform,” said Adams.

The city is leasing the robot at $9 per hour for the next two months.

Some New Yorkers voiced their displeasure at the laughable piece of equipment.

“Waste of money. Are you kidding me? Unless it can sprout legs and turn into a transformer and kick the s*** out of somebody, not really gonna do anything,” an anonymous critic said.

The NYPD already has numerous idiotic, frightening, or invasive technological measures at its disposal, such as drones and robot police dogs.

Democrat-Led City Using Drones to Monitor House Parties This Weekend

“For now, the robot will have two officers with it at all times, according to Adams. But if the city decides to continue using the robot beyond the initial two months, it would patrol by itself,” CBS News noted.

FOX 5 New York added this video report:

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