America First Governor candidate Kari Lake has been repeatedly attacked since she launched her campaign.

In June, a left-wing activist partnered with the media to spread false claims about Lake, claiming that she brought her daughter to a drag show.

Lake has also repeatedly been attacked as an ‘election denier’ because of her alliance with President Trump.

Despite the smear campaign against her, she won her primary this month and will be the Republican nominee for Governor in Arizona.

As the smear campaign against her has failed, big tech is now attempting to prevent her from getting publicity by censoring people who interview her.

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On Thursday, YouTube suspended conservative influencer Steven Crowder and removed a recently posted video where he interviewed Lake.

Crowder later revealed that part of the reason YouTube suspended him and took down his video was because Lake and Crowder discussed election integrity during the interview.

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Louder With Crowder Reports

Ladies and gentlemen, the Orwellian censors at YouTube are at it yet again! This time, they’ve chosen to not only target Louder with Crowder but to silence Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. Our interview with the Arizona gubernatorial candidate has been REMOVED from YouTube over their alleged “misinformation policy.” Louder with Crowder is unable to live stream on YouTube for the next two weeks.

If this isn’t suppression of political speech, then nothing is. This isn’t just an assault on free speech. It’s an attack on the democratic process. It’s the silencing of political opponents, and it’s no coincidence that it has been done to a candidate ENDORSED by Donald Trump only months before the general election.

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