The “religion of peace” continues to be the religion of unbelievable atrocities…how can the Muslim religion accept this horror? A 3-year old boy was slaughtered in this attack! A 43-year old newlywed was murdered…It goes on and on. Where does this end? We can’t keep ignoring the REAL cause of terror!

Sky News is reporting that police have raided the flat of an imam who they believe may have radicalized the Barcelona and Cambrils attackers.

It is reported that Abdelbaki es Satty is the ringleader of the terror cell and is responsible for directing the terrorists to commit the attacks in Spain which killed 14 people.

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Es Satty was reportedly last seen on Tuesday and is said to be about 40 years old, but one line of inquiry being pursued by police is that he may have been killed in an explosion in Alcanar on Wednesday night.

His flatmate told newspaper La Vanguardia that es Satty left his home on Tuesday because he was going to Morocco, and did not hear from him again.

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From the New York Daily News yesterday:

Poland’s interior minister says “Europe should wake up” after the Barcelona attack and realize it’s dealing with a “clash of civilizations” that proves his government’s point that accepting migrants is a tragedy for Europe.

Mariusz Blaszczak says Friday his country is safe because “we do not have Muslim communities which are enclaves, which are a natural support base for Islamic terrorists.”

The ruling Law and Justice party has taken a strong anti-migrant stance, refusing to accept any refugees in a European Union resettlement plan, creating tensions with Brussels.

Blaszczak insisted late Thursday on state TVP that Warsaw will not succumb to EU pressure because it is putting Poland’s security needs first.

He said: “The refugee resettlement system is a system that is encouraging millions of people to come to Europe.”

The logic of his remarks is inescapable.

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