RINO’s at both the state and national level have denied that election fraud occured in the 2020 election, shutting down audits of election results and in some cases helping to facilitate ‘ballot access’ measures that would make it easier for election fraud to be committed in future elections.  One such person is Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.  Vos refused to conduct an audit of the 2020 election until months after and supported legislation to increase the number of ballot boxes in the state.  Now, its been revealed that he is secretly supporting pushing the measure through even after a judge struck it down.  The Gateway Pundit Reports

“In December 2020 we uncovered that Speaker Vos was behind the use of drop boxes in Wisconsin – a favorite vehicle of the left for stealing elections.  Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias in a case against the legality of drop boxes used in Wisconsin in the 2020 Election provided documentation showing Speaker Vos ‘wholeheartedly supported the use of drop boxes’ to justify the use of drop boxes in the election.  This was an action that must go through the legislature, but Vos supported their use in the state without having the authority to do so.*

Last week we found out that Vos not only promoted drop boxes in Wisconsin, he also was part of a group that promoted them throughout the country.

Now we have information from two sources that Speaker Vos has more up his sleeve.  Vos knows that he can’t push a bill through the Wisconsin House asking for more ballot drop boxes inserted into the state for the next election, so he is clandestinely working with the Wisconsin Senate to push this through.”


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