From the moment the Brazilians began questioning our Olympic swimmers, we suspected there was more to the story. Every single, and I mean EVERY single TV and cable news station kept playing the surveillance video showing the swimmers leaving the convenience store and getting into the cab. And every single one of them were either reporting or asserting that the swimmers made up their story about being robbed, choosing instead to take the word of the convenience store guard and local Rio police. Are we the only ones who were shocked at how quickly US news sources were willing to take the word of a guard and police department in one of the most violent and corrupt cities in the world over our own Olympic athletes?

Here is the video that’s been played ad nauseam on every TV and cable station for the past two days, while reporters left no room for even considering the story our Olympic athletes were telling us. Some in social media were even going as far as suggesting it was their “white privilege” that made them think they could “get away” with this “crime”:

Watch ESPN try this case on TV. These two MORONIC hosts drone on about Lochte and how he lied to his mom, deserted his friends and “fabricated” his story idd to get out of his story. They called Lochte an “idiot” a “child” a “liar” and a “drunk.”

And now…after Ryan Locate would NOT back down on his story, NBC takes a closer look at what REALLY happened:

So it’s clear a gun was held on the swimmers, the guard may have taken more money than the alleged damage and the alleged ‘damage’ may have been exaggerated. And why is 3 minutes of the video missing? The 3 minutes allegedly support the swimmers’ story that they were pulled out of the cab by the armed security at gun point.

NBC checked out the bathroom and found it in ‘tip top shape’, no destruction.

The “Today” show found no “significant” signs of damage when it visited the gas station bathroom that Brazilian police claim Ryan Lochte and three other Team U.S.A. swimmers vandalized.

During a Friday morning broadcast, Today correspondent Keir Simmons went to the gas station where Lochte, Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen allegedly trashed the restroom and had a subsequent confrontation with the gas station’s security officer.

The officer pulled a gun on the swimmers who allegedly turned over money.

Simmons did a walk-through at the station, first pointing at an advertisement that had been ripped from a wall and then entering the bathroom allegedly damaged by one of the four swimmers.

But the reporter said the bathroom appeared to be in tip top shape, implying that either the damages were repaired before the Today show arrived — or there was never any damage at all.

Here’s the thing. If someone commits vandalism, you don’t have a right to pull a gun on them and demand money. At least not in the United States. Kicking the door to try to get in to pee, if that happened, probably isn’t worth $400. So yes, if true, one could argue they were ‘robbed’.

According to TMZ, this is the scope of the damage, a crack in this sign.


Lochte while apologizing for not being careful in how he described it, has maintained that they were robbed and had a gun pulled on the them. It’s beginning to look like his story was substantially correct.

Now the Brazilian authorities are trying to force James Feigen, the remaining swimmer in Brazil, to pay $10,800 to get his passport back, when that certainly doesn’t appear to fit the the alleged ‘damage’.

TMZ is also reporting that the 3 swimmers who Brazilians claim admitted that they lied about the incident are now saying that claim by the Brazilians is false.

Sounds like ‘robbery’ may have been correct and it’s the Brazilians who owe the apology to the swimmers… Via: Weasel Zippers

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