A rising young conservative star who has quickly become one of DeSantis’ top boosters on social media was exposed by Breitbart for racist and anti-Semitic text messages saying that Jewish people need to be ‘screened’ before being allowed to join conservative movements.

Gonzalez started out as an independent journalist who was critical of much of the Republican establishment, and ended up being one of DeSantis’ most vocal supporters on social media.

He has also been fiercely critical of former President and 2024 Presidential candidate Donald Trump, going so far as to victim blame him for being prosecuted by the Department of Justice and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

As recently as last week, Pedro was boosting RINO Chris Christie, who recently came out against banning sex changes for minors, because he has been critical of Trump and recently called Trump a ‘serial loser’.

In the texts revealed by Breitbart, Gonzalez says that most Jews are ‘problematic’ and that while he can ‘respect’ them as individuals, he cannot respect them as a group.


Beyond his anti-Semitic remarks, he also called Turning Point USA and Daily Wire spokesperson Candace Owens a ‘negress’ while giving praise to Nick Fuentes, a far-right white nationalist and holocaust denier who Trump and every other major conservative figure has distanced themselves from.

Breitbart Reports

Pedro Gonzalez, a rising conservative influencer and politics editor of Chronicles magazine, regularly in 2019 and 2020 sent racist and antisemitic messages, Breitbart News can reveal after reviewing months’ worth of his private messages.

More recently, Gonzalez has become perhaps most well-known as one of the most active and strident pro-Florida Gov. Ron Desantis influencers on Twitter.

“Yeah like not every Jew is problematic, but the sad fact is that most are,” Gonzalez wrote in one group chat in 2019, for instance.

“The only tactical considertation [sic] of Jews is screening them for movements,” Gonzalez wrote in another group chat message. “But that is not something for open discussion.”

“I am at the point where I can respect Jews as individuals and like them as individuals, but as a group I see them as problematic,” Gonzalez said in another.

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