RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel regularly posts statistics of attendees of President Trump’s giant rallies.

While Joe Biden was hiding from the media in his Delaware basement, President Trump was connecting with tens of thousands of voters with two massive rallies in the critical swing states, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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McDaniel posted statistics from President Trump’s huge rally in Michigan on Saturday, which should be causing alarm bells to go off for the Biden campaign. If Democrats have any hope of defeating Trump in a state he won in 2016, they will need to recruit new voters, Independent voters, and a majority of Democrats to vote for Crooked Joe Biden.

According to McDaniels, Trump isn’t just drawing Republicans to his rallies. The campaign matched 11,842 voters at the Muskegon rally, and the results were good news for the Trump campaign. Only 48.3% of the attendees were Republicans and a whopping 36% of Trump supporters who attended the rally did not vote in 2016. That’s a lot of new voters showing their support for Trump in a critical swing state.

Trump’s second rally was held in Janesville, Wisconsin, a city located in a blue county that went for Hillary in 2016.

People’s Pundit spoke with a voter in Janesville, who told her that in the last election, “Trump is the last guy I’d vote for.” But this time around, the voter told her he’d “crawl across 20 miles of broken glass to vote for him.”

According to McDaniel, the voter who said he’d crawl across broken glass to vote for Trump is not alone. McDaniel reported that of the 13,850 people signed up for the rally, 47.5% of them were not Republicans and a whopping 24.1% didn’t vote in the 2016 election. If all of those voters head to the polls for Trump, the Democrats are in big trouble on November 3rd.

President Trump is connecting with thousands of Democrats, and voters who didn’t vote in the 2016 election are coming to Trump’s rallies to show their support for him—meanwhile, Joe Biden remains tucked away in his basement, safe from the media and nowhere near potential voters.

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