The left can dish it out, but they can’t take a mild joke.

Parks and Recreation actor Rob Lowe was skewered on social media for a joke mocking Elizabeth Warren’s lie about being Native American.

It was the definition of a nothingburger, but the Snowflakes took offense to it and just wouldn’t let up with the attacks.

A photo of Lowe with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was repeatedly posted on Twitter as evidence that Lowe is a traitor to the cause. The picture is from when Sanders and Sean Spicer went to see Lowe’s one-man show. What world are we living in when you’re not even allowed to be pictured with someone from the Trump administration?


It’s funny how the left mocks President Trump with vicious and hateful comments, but those same people defend a slight joke about a woman who blatantly lied about being Native American to get ahead. Hypocrites!

Lowe eventually caved and deleted the tweet:

Our favorite tweet from the Hodge Twins who called out Soledad O’Brien for being way too sensitive:



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