The left can dish it out, but they can’t take a mild joke.

Parks and Recreation actor Rob Lowe was skewered on social media for a joke mocking Elizabeth Warren’s lie about being Native American.

It was the definition of a nothingburger, but the Snowflakes took offense to it and just wouldn’t let up with the attacks.

A photo of Lowe with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was repeatedly posted on Twitter as evidence that Lowe is a traitor to the cause. The picture is from when Sanders and Sean Spicer went to see Lowe’s one-man show. What world are we living in when you’re not even allowed to be pictured with someone from the Trump administration?

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It’s funny how the left mocks President Trump with vicious and hateful comments, but those same people defend a slight joke about a woman who blatantly lied about being Native American to get ahead. Hypocrites!

Lowe eventually caved and deleted the tweet:

Our favorite tweet from the Hodge Twins who called out Soledad O’Brien for being way too sensitive:


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