Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is back trying his best to restart his campaign for president.

One of the things several of the candidates for 2020 have done is live stream something they’re doing like cooking or drinking beer. It’s to show the voters that the candidate is just like them. It’s getting more and more bazaar for some candidates with Liz Warren and other candidates desperately trying to seem normal but failing in a big way. It’s awkward.

Now, you can add Beto to the list of candidates who films something most Americans would probably rather not see.

He got a haircut and decided it would be a great idea to film himself during the entire thing. Nice and boring, right? Well, it was also pretty gross when Beto brought up “nasty” ear hair. Yes, ear hair!

“We’re cutting out some of this ear hair you get when you get older…grows out of your ears, you know if you don’t get it cut. It can be nasty.”

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This was a TMI moment!

This is also a chance for “Beto” to show off his Spanish…he speaks with the barber in Spanish and at one point the barber talks in Spanish to the camera. A pandering moment…

He also greeted people at the door during one point in the 17-minute video. That was also an awkward moment where the man he greeted has no idea who he is…The Mayor?…The Governor?

This was such an unforced error for O’Rourke who has been trying to restart his lagging campaign. Maybe he’s learned his lesson now.

First, we got to watch his dental cleaning and now his haircut…enough already!



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