Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced Friday he met the signature threshold to qualify for the ballot in Utah.

According to CBS News, the Salt Lake County clerk’s office confirmed Thursday RFK Jr. indeed met the signature requirement to qualify for the state’s 2024 general election presidential ballot.

“RFK Jr. meets signature threshold in Utah to qualify for ballot Congratulations to Bobby and all of the volunteers that made this happen,” American Values 2024, a pro-RFK Jr. super PAC, said.

CBS News reports:

Once Kennedy officially files, Utah would mark the first state’s ballot for which he has qualified.

If Kennedy were to get on the ballots of multiple states across the country, his candidacy could upend the closely watched 2024 presidential campaign as he tries to offer an alternative to voters who may be unenthused about President Biden or the eventual Republican nominee.


A recent Quinnipiac nationwide poll showed that in a three-way race between Kennedy, Biden and former President Donald Trump, Biden receives 38% of support, Trump receives 36%, and Kennedy gets 22%.

Under Utah state law, Kennedy must also pay a $500 fee and fill out the official paperwork making him an unaffiliated presidential candidate. That paperwork must be completed between Jan. 2 and March 5, which is Super Tuesday — the day of Utah’s primary elections — even though Kennedy will not be participating because of his unaffiliated status.

“We will be announcing Jan. 3 our ballot access status in Utah at a press event in Salt Lake City,” Kennedy’s campaign press secretary Stefanie Spear told CBS News in a statement.

American Values 2024 previously said it plans on investing $10 to $15 million to get him on the ballot in 10 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York and Texas.

RFK Jr. made a campaign stop in Phoenix last week as part of his effort to gain enough signatures to qualify for Arizona’s presidential ballot.

From The Messenger:

Kennedy’s stop in Arizona is part of his campaign’s efforts to acquire enough signatures to get him on the presidential ballot in 2024. He originally launched his campaign as a Democratic candidate but switched mid-year after struggling to get on primary ballots.

Another voter from Phoenix told the Associated Press that she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but Trump in 2020 and although she’d like to vote for someone she believes in, she wants to ensure Biden loses.

“I don’t want to be that person,” Enriqueta Porras, a 52-year-old physician, said, “but I feel like there’s a lot at stake and that may just have to happen.”

Many of the Kennedy supporters who spoke to the AP said they share the candidate’s views that corporations, like drug companies, hold too much power.

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