While iron-fisted Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s tyrannical covid lockdown autocrat, is being eyed as a Democrat favorite for her authoritarian responses to Covid, pharmaceutical critic Robert Kennedy Jr. threw his hat into the race to challenge Joe Biden for the Democrat Presidential nomination.

Kennedy told Epoch Times, “America is enduring an apocalyptic tribal polarization more toxic and dangerous than any time since the Civil War.”

In early March, Kennedy said if he ran, a top priority would be going after the merger between corporations and the government, which has “poisoned” children. However, the big-money pharmaceutical lobbyists who have had a grip on DC politicians for years and push policies benefitting their industry while ignoring the resulting health crises are unlikely to back down to a Democrat challenger.

Although Kennedy is a nephew of President John F Kennedy and son of the US attorney general and New York Senator Robert F Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968, he is already being touted as an anti-vaxxer on mainstream media sites. The Guardian has attempted to discredit him for his views on Big Pharma by saying even his family thinks his stances are misinformed,

“More than 15 years ago, he became fixated on a belief that vaccines are not safe. He emerged as one of the leading voices in the anti-vaccine movement, his work described by public health experts and members of his own family as misleading and dangerous.”

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Kennedy has spoken out against the long-term effects of vaccines, saying,

“There’s a lot of evidence that vaccines are not likely to give you an extended life. In fact, they are likely to shorten your life and make it less enriching and make you a less effective human being.”

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Kennedy’s anti-vaccine charity, the Children’s Health Defense, had its usual charitable donations double to $6.8 million during covid lockdowns in 2020. Kennedy has called out vaccine mandates as tyrannical and has been criticized by the media and his fellow democrats for advocating that individuals should have bodily autonomy.
Kennedy wrote a book called “The Real Anthony Fauci,” which exposes the grotesque things Fauci has done in the name of research and vaccine development. The book accuses Fauci of instituting “a historic coup d’etat against Western democracy.”
Kennedy, who is a trained attorney, has been a sore spot in the Democrat Party’s connection with Big Pharma. Kennedy accused the agencies that are supposed to keep drug companies in check of being entangled with them instead, saying, “Regulatory agencies become captured by the industries that they’re supposed to regulate. When I began litigating and advocating on the vaccine issue in 2005, I was immediately dumbstruck by not only the level of agency capture within the public health agencies but the financial entanglements, which were unprecedented in other agencies that basically put agency capture on steroids.”
While Kennedy’s views on Big Pharma will not earn him campaign money from the lobbying giant, he is in sync with his fellow Democrats and tone-deaf Republicans on the war in Ukraine. He recently told Megyn Kelly that his son had joined the fight against the Russians in Ukraine.

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