Roger Waters of the legendary rock band Pink Floyd (see below) just gave Democrats a reality check on their presidential candidate Joe Biden. Waters called the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden a “f***ing slime ball” during an interview with Rolling Stone.

Waters said he is “on the fence” about the Democratic Party encouraging people to rally behind Biden, saying that he is “so flabbergasted and gobsmacked by the way the Democratic National Committee has railroaded Bernie…again.” Waters is a disgruntled Bernie supporter who knows his candidate was scr@wed again by Democrats. It’s not that he’s jumping on the Trump train now, he just sees things for how they are. He’s also not an American citizen.

The rocker said he can’t imagine Biden beating Trump:

“And has put in place a candidate…I can’t imagine Biden beating Trump in an election.”

Then Waters went in for the kill:

“Biden is such a f***ing slimeball, he’s so weak, and has no appeal to anybody.”

True words from a guy who has probably seen plenty of “f***ing slimeballs” over his decades of working in the music industry.


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