They’re just refugees looking for a better life. They’ll eventually assimilate to the cultures of the generous nations who are accepting, feeding and caring for them…right?koran

A riot broke out over a torn Koran at the Thuringia migrant shelter in Germany last month that left 17 injured.

Officials believe the riot was caused by the different nationalities being housed at the same camp. (BBC)

Eleven refugees and six police officers were injured.

The migrants hurled stones and concrete blocks at police when they arrived.
The BBC reported:

An argument over a Koran that erupted at a shelter in central Germany has led to violence in which 11 refugees and six police were injured.

Twenty people tried to lynch an Afghan man of 25 after he tore pages from the Koran and threw them in a toilet, according to reports in the town of Suhl.

When police tried to intervene they also came under attack.

Germany says it is expecting 800,000 people to claim asylum this year.

More than half the numbers of migrants arriving on Europe’s borders are heading there, and Germany is also facing a large influx of people from Balkan states such as Albania and Kosovo…

…Police were pelted with stones and concrete blocks as they tried to calm the situation. Via: Gateway Pundit

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